Ultimate Travel Gear and Trip Packing Guide 2016


When you go traveling, whether short vacation or long round the world trip, you want to be properly ready to have certain belongings with you on your journey. Every traveler will have their own unique taste of items that they want to bring with. The packing for a trip will differ by gender, purpose of travel, and personality of the traveler. However, there are some general pointers that all travelers should consider when packing for a short or long-term trip.

Where to easily buy your travel gear? You could go to brick-and-morter store, however, I’ve found that many items I need I would have to go to several different stores and the hassle of going through large big-box store aisles doesn’t sound appealing to me. Since I live on Hawaii, the other issue I have is the cost of shipping, which can add up each time I order from an online site that doesn’t offer free shipping.

Luckily, Amazon is my best friend. Majority of the products I get, I usually get from Amazon as they have most competitive pricing and offer free shipping either through easily spending more than $35 or through Amazon Prime. Plus, if there’s something you don’t like, you can easily ask Amazon to get you a return package slip to refund your purchase. Can’t get any easier than that.

Now below is the travel gear and packing tips that I will be utilizing on my RTW 2016 trip:

Backpacks and Other Luggages

For this first category, decide what kind of traveler you are.

For example, if you don’t like to carry around many items or want to avoid checking-in any baggage on airlines to avoid baggage fees, then perhaps you’ll want to get a backpack that is lightweight and compact in size to easily carry-on airplanes.

For others that need much more necessities and don’t mind checking in baggage, than rolling travel luggage will be an ideal choice.

Don’t also forget to consider having a way of carrying your items while you are actually touring a location. Many times, people will have a small drawstring sack or a daypack to carry personal items such as camera, phone, beach towel, etc.

Optional items that aren’t necessary but can be helpful depending on your situation. I decided to get a backpack rain cover to cover my daypack and backpack in case I had to walk or travel outside if it ever rained. Couple locations such as Thailand and Indonesia might have long periods of rain so protecting my electronics from the rain is essential. Another optional item is getting TSA-approved luggage lock. Although TSA themselves can open your luggage anytime (and we just trust that they don’t steal) – it at least can give you some peace of mind, even though having locks is never foul-proof.

Tortuga 44 Liter Travel Backpack


Dakine Explorer Backpack


Hurley Drawstring Sack Bag

Hurley Drawstring Sack

Quiksilver Roll Luggage

Quiksilver Luggage

Backpack Rain Cover

Backpack Rain Cover

Luggage Lock

Luggage Lock

Clothing and Apparel

The weather conditions and seasonal climates of a certain location will dictate the type of clothing and apparel you need to bring. Keep in mind the time of year you will be traveling to certain location (for instance, New Zealand in July will be their winter time). Also keep in mind if location is in their dry or wet season (for example, Costa Rica’s wet season starts anywhere from August to November while their dry and hot season goes from February to May).

The point is, you’ll need to be prepared for any type of weather condition.

Below I have suggestions for what I usually pack for long-term trips, but obviously, this portion is more geared towards males, but for my female readers, you can do a quick Google search online of “Travel Gear Packing for Women” and find plenty of ideas for what you need to pack.

I like to pack clothing that is lightweight and breathable, as many of the locations I will be traveling will be warm or moist climates. Usually, I buy a handy pack of V-Neck T-Shirts, boxer briefs, and socks as clothing necessities. I’ll bring two pairs of pants and two long sleeve shirt for occasions that require me to be a bit more dressed up. In terms of footwear, I bring two pairs of flip-flops and one pair of shoes. Again, since I’m traveling to warm, tropical locations, I also  bring a lightweight beach towel and several board shorts since I do lots of water-based activities.

Simply think about the location where you are going to determine the type of clothing and apparel you need. For colder climates – expect to pack or have on hand some heavier type of coats and jackets.

2xist Men’s 3-Pack V-Necks

2xist V-Necks

2xist Men’s 3-Pack Boxer Briefs


Pairs of Flip-Flops


Toiletries and Other Accessories

For this section, toiletries are the basic necessities you’d need like any other day of your life. This would be the section where you can’t skimp, as taking care of your personal hygiene is pretty important for your well-being and health.

Remember to pack: toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, toothbrush, nail clipper, comb, and any other special personal preference of toiletries for example body wash and hair products.

Because of carry-on baggage restrictions, just keep in mind that you can’t exceed a certain amount of fluids. This amount changes from time to time, so be sure to check online for the exact amount limit.

Laptops, Cameras, Phones and Other Electronics

Although the electronics section is something optional and not required when traveling, I haven’t met anyone really that doesn’t at least bring one type of electronic, whether used for communication purposes or used for creating memories (which most people use the electronics for).

The typical electronics you should pack on your journey include having some sort of laptop. I recommend having a Macbook Air 13″ simply because the laptop is so lightweight. Having a laptop weigh anything more than 2 pounds, it will add heaviness to your backpack. I’ll be using my laptop extensively to work remotely as well as document my RTW 2016 travels.

Other devices I have on hand to record my journey include GoPro Hero and FujiFilm camera. Both are waterproof with their respective casing. However, I use the GoPro mostly for adventure-type activities such as snorkeling or surfing. I use my FujiFilm camera to record my airline and location land-based activities.

Be sure that you also have camera accessories such as handheld selfie stick or tripod to help with recording experience. Also keep in mind that majority of cameras you buy will only give you small amount of recording space with existing memory card.  So make sure to order SanDisk 32G (or higher) memory card to store more photos and videos of your trip.

Since I will be bringing lots of electronics, there will be many power cords or USB cords to go with them. To keep them all organized, I got a Travel Organizer Case that helps to keep all of the cords untangled and organized. Another free way is to simply organize them using ziplock bags.

Lastly, if you plan on communicating, get a phone where you can put a SIM card in. SIM cards are easy to get at airports or local towns and are very cheap compared to the phone plans within the United States. I tend to not get an expensive phone as I don’t really use it much besides to check the internet find information on the spot.

Macbook Air 13″MacBook-Air-13

GoPro Hero 3


Handheld GoPro Selfie Stick

Extendable Handheld Monopod

Fujifilm FinePix XP80


Lightweight Mini Tripod

AmazonBasics Lightweight Mini Tripod

SanDisk 32G Memory Card


Travel Electronics Organizer Case

AmazonBasics Travel Case

Phones – Any kind of phone that can take a SIM card.

Other Miscellaneous Items

I bought a few other items that didn’t fit into any of the other categories above. I decided that since I would be sleeping on SO MANY different surfaces including the airplane lie-flat beds or AirBnB beds or hotel beds. Therefore, I wanted to bring my own Travel Sleeping Sack so that I could have a peace in mind of sleeping on clean surface (not that I would assume any other surface is not clean).

Since I plan on doing many outdoor activities including hiking, snorkeling, and surfing – I know that I get cuts and bruises easily so I wanted to have a First Aid Kit on hand in case I needed to clean cuts and cover it with bandages.

Lastly – since I’ll be bringing lots of personal information on my travel including passport, credit cards, money, and other important documents, I wanted to have a lightweight portable “safe” that could help organize all of those items. I ended up getting a English Dictionary Diversion Safe. It’s something I would have for travels, but I thought would be cool to simply leave in my home book case anyways for storing important information.

Travel Sheet Sleeping Sack

Travel Sheet Sleep Sack

First Aid Kit

Lifeline Trail Light Dayhiker First Aid Kit

Dictionary Diversion Book Safe

Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Key Lock

Well that’s generally my round the world trip gear packing tips. I know that I can’t be fully prepared 100% since I won’t know exactly what I’ll encounter in the countries and locations I’m traveling to, but at least I feel 90% ready with the items I’ll need.

Let Me Know: What are your personal tips or travel gear that you suggest I pack?