The Truth Behind Building Niche Affiliate Websites


One of the many ways to make money online is creating a niche website and monetizing it through affiliate links or digital advertising. For those who are new and not familiar with this, the most popular website that people go for affiliate niche website links is with Amazon’s Affiliate program. And as for digital advertising, majority of people use Google Adsense. While these two options are popular, there are still a plethora of other options to use including Clickbank, Commission Junction etc.

In essence, the overall scope of creating these niche websites (in it’s simplest skeletal form) is as follows:

  1. Keyword Research to find lucrative niches and keywords to target
  2. Content Creation of these articles, which used to be 500 words and now go upwards of 2,000 or more words
  3. SEO/Backlinks of these niche sites to rank for the lucrative keywords
  4. Rinse and Repeat and do it all again with another niche category

There’s a lot more detail that goes into each of those area that I wouldn’t have enough time or space to cover, but from just looking at the above overarching plan … does it sounds easy enough … right?

Well the truth is, building niche websites is incredibly hard. SUPER hard. And it’s gotten harder as the years go by.

Don’t let any other website out there lie their way into telling you that it’s going to be a walk in the park or anything near that.

When niche websites were popular initially a decade ago, the competition was quite low and Google search algorithm was still in its infancy. Not anymore. With all these animal labelled search updates created (Penguin, Hummingbird, etc… go Google search it if you aren’t familiar with those terms), Google simply was cracking down on poor content quality and misuse of search engine optimization tactics.

As a WordPress website designer, I’ve come across numerous people who’ve always been interested in learning how to further monetize their sites. But the thing is, ALL of them wanted short-term earnings to come in instantaneously. Many people think simply slapping ads or affiliate links will net them earnings within a month or weeks time. And that simply won’t happen for the majority of people.

You know what the secret to building niche websites really is?

It’s patience and tenacity. I’m serious.

Without those two, so many people, myself included, have given up. Not only just given up, but then tried again, and then given up, and then perhaps tried again in a few years time, and given up. The problem is, without enough patience, a niche site never has a chance to grow.

Through the years, I’ve taken many courses and spoken to some niche site building experts in the field, and one of the things that was mentioned over and over is that it takes awhile for results to come in from the beginning, but that results will come in on an exponential scale. That upwards curve on the earnings for niche sites may happen for some within 3 months, and for others, a year or two later. But once one hits that golden upward curve, then it’s smooth sailing in terms of maintenance of the site.

And that’s the golden upward curve that many many people are trying to eye for, but don’t have the patience or tenacity to get there.

So why am I writing this?

It’s just to give a light-hearted warning to those who are thinking of creating niche websites, but aren’t aware of how difficult it will be. And the other truth is, many people will have to go through the process of building a niche site to realize how difficult it can be, especially if you are trying to wear all of the hats from designing, content writing, and doing backlinking. All of those can wear your mind and psyche along with whatever else you are dealing with in your own personal life.

As of October 1, 2016 – I started up creating a couple new niche websites and since having found a reliable content writer … have made more progress than I ever had when I first tried getting into the niche website field back in 2014. Personally for me, content creation was my biggest obstacle. I just could not muster writing out 1,000+ or more articles in one setting and the thought of overwhelm with how much writing would be necessary literally paralyzed my efforts in building up the niche website.

For others, the obstacle could be developing/designing the actual niche website if no prior web development skills. And for others, it could be lack of direction or how-to on backlinking and getting your website ranked to the first page for keywords.

Whatever it is – the most important action is simply – continued action. I’ve learned to accept mistakes along the way, and have been less nervous and scared to put in money and experiment, even if whatever I was testing with the niche site failed … I’d simply try another way and try another way til it works.

Fear of wasting money and being overwhelmed with content writing were both my worst enemies when it came to building niche websites and is something that took me couple years to overcome and tell them to f*ck off 🙂

That being said, for the few that have stuck through this niche website building process, they are met with tremendous success and I look up and applaud their efforts! If you are looking to learn how to build niche websites, there’s one resource I recommend out of the sea of other niche website experts:

The Cloud Living Journey by Tung Tran. I’ve been following him since 2014, and yes, even with my ups-and-downs through the time, I’ve found Tung to be the most transparent in his teachings of niche website building. I had the pleasure of meeting up with him in Saigon back during the time when I was interning in Vietnam.

Starting my latest niche sites has had its fair share of ups-and-downs, however, I’m already looking forward to the remainder of 2016 in completing the content portion of the niche sites. Having looked at the site Google Analytics, already see the upward curve on the visitor traffic and clicks via my Amazon links. Just have to stick it out and be patient and action-oriented!

Have you ever built niche website? What has been your biggest struggle with the process? Let me know down below!