How to Live a Life of Gratitude


We’ve learned many aspects to a successful mindset in the last few posts. One of the most important aspects that we’ll discuss about is:


When we are hustling, at times, we maybe so busy that we potentially could have tunnel-vision and only see what is just right in front of us.

Or perhaps, you have worked so much that you may not have had the chance to step back and see how much progress you have made.

This is where the act of “gratitude” comes into the picture.

Why Gratitude is Important to Our Hustle

1. Not Taking Things for Granted – Unfortunately in today’s world where everything needs to be functioning properly, we take for granted many things. We take for granted our food being delivered to our grocery stores. We take for granted that our roads are maintained. We take for granted that our loved ones are with us. What happens is, we don’t end up simply appreciating what is. Realize that things can easily be taken away at any given moment. Appreciate what you have, and where you are at in life.

2. Brings Happiness – Feeling grateful removes anything negative that might be on your mind. Perhaps you haven’t been able to successfully launch a product. Perhaps you haven’t been able to reach your sales goal. Whatever it is that you may not have achieved … take solace in the fact that you at least tried your best in reaching those goals. Remember our talk about “fails”? When you bring in gratitude to your failures … it immediately reverses the negative emotions and turns them into personal happiness.

3. Gratitude Fosters Connections – People like to be with or work with those that are positive and genuine. No one likes to work with people who whine and complain a lot. Likewise, no one likes to work with those who are ungrateful and selfish. Showing gratitude to people you work with, even if a small “thank you” mention, makes a big difference in their day. Gratitude helps open up connections and when properly cultivated can help lead you towards success.

Remember this – we are ALL in it together with the ups-and-downs of the entrepreneurial hustle. It’s one TOUGH WORLD to hustle in.

My gratitude is being thankful for all of the positive, inspiring, and wonderful entrepreneurs, travelers, and nomads that I now call my extended family. I am also as well, grateful to all of those past tough challenges I had to endure. Without those challenges, I would not have ended up where I’m at today. I’m BEYOND grateful to have shaped my present “hustle” and simply blessed to call Maui my home – living out my passions in surfing and outdoor adventures.

What are you grateful for?

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