Best Carry On Backpack 2017 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Business and Digital Nomad Travelers


Author’s Personal Note:

When I went on my round the world trip during the first 5 months of 2016, choosing the right carry on travel backpack was essential to my trip. I’d be traversing 4 continents, 13 countries spanning from East/Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe, and North America.

With 25 flights book, I knew I wanted a carry on travel backpack that would work with majority of airline carry on bag standards and be durable enough to endure all the different location climates and environment.

I did extensive research going through Amazon, reading through specifications of each backpack and thinking about how it would help me on my journey. At the end of the day, I did end up choosing the Tortuga Travel Backpack. That being said, it’s by all means not the perfect backpack, and on retrospect, for my next travel, I’ll be trying another carry on backpack on the list below. I hope this extensive buyer’s guide helps YOU choose the right travel backpack on your short or long-term journey.

Overall Guide Notes:

If you are looking for reviews of regular school backpacks, outdoor/hiking backpacks, and/or the oversized backpackers backpack, this review guide is NOT right for you.

The reviews of the best carry on backpacks is geared more towards the business and professional travelers as well as the entrepreneur, flashpacker, and digital nomad travelers.

The trends and similarities in the most important aspects and components of carry on backpacks:

1. Maximizes carry on size for typical overhead compartment (excluding small regional jet planes) – on average, majority of carry on backpacks is around 40L, with some pushing the carry on limit at 46L. Any backpacks over 46L stands the risk of being too large for carry on.

2. Made from lightweight materials – most backpacks made from nylon or polyester material.

3. Maximizes storage compartments particularly for laptops and tablets – all the backpacks reviewed below have electronic device sleeve with some form of padding protection.

4. Additional pocket storage areas for easy to grab travel documents and other travel essentials – great for boarding passes, passports, travel toiletries, and much more!

5. Comfort including padded back panels, padded shoulder straps, and weight redistribution hip straps.

6. Top and side handle bars or straps to switch between carrying the bag like a backpack or duffle bag.

7. Bag anti-theft features including slash-free zippersand bag locks.

NameVolume (Liters)Weight (Pounds) 
Hynes Eagle40L1.6 lbsCheck Price
Tortuga Travel44L4.2 lbsCheck Price
Osprey Porter46L3.1 lbsCheck Price
Victorinox Dual20L2.5 lbsCheck Price
Tumi Alpha Bravo35L8.1 lbsCheck Price
Pacsafe Venturesafe45L2.0 lbsCheck Price
Incase EO25L2.8 lbsCheck Price
Timbuk2 Wingman40L3.4 lbsCheck Price
High Sierra AT740L7.9 lbsCheck Price
Kensington SecureTrek38L7.5 lbsCheck Price

With the above criteria in mind, think about what is most important to YOU in terms of travel bag essential features. Note that NO backpack has all of the features listed and in reality, no travel backpack ever will. The reviews below are merely a helpful guide to assist you in deciding a carry on travel backpack, but is in no way a direct endorsement of one travel backpack over another.

1. Hynes Eagle Carry On Backpack Review


When it comes to carry on travel backpacks, it’s always great to maximize the amount of allowable space you can put in the overhead bin on an airplane. Typical backpacks usually are more oval in shape, which actually decreases the amount of inside backpack space to put more things for your travels.

Hynes Eagle backpack is shaped in a rectangular manner. The dimensions of this backpack is 20.5 x 10 x 14 inches. In total volume, it’s a 40L backpack.

The backpack itself is made from polyester and PVC (which is a synthetic lightweight type of plastic outer material). Both those materials allow the backpack to be fairly lightweight at 2.31 pounds.

While Hynes Eagle backpack has the typical shoulder straps and top bag handle, those are not the only methods to carry the bag. The backpack also has a side handle so that you can carry the bag like a duffel bag. This can come in handy if you decided to use the bag as a gym bag instead of a travel bag.

The backside of the backpack has added padding so that when it rests on your back, it is soft and comfortable.

The backpack has three main zipper compartments of varying sizes. The largest main compartment can fit majority of larger items such as clothing, shoes, and much more. Unlike conventional backpacks where it’s top-loading, this backpack is front-loading like a suitcase.

If you wanted piece in mind in terms of keeping items from shifting within this large compartment, there are inner tie-down straps located inside. The second compartment allows you to easily have access to your laptop or tablet device. There is also a Velcro strap that helps keep your electronics from shifting. And lastly, the third and smallest compartment allows you to put your smaller items, such as travel essentials (passports, documents, etc.) which are within easy reach.

Lastly, should you need an external pocket, the side zipper of the backpack can be unzipped to allow storage for water bottles.

For further piece of mind, there are external adjustable buckle straps that help provide more compression to your backpack so that items inside do not shift while you carry your backpack.

The Hynes Eagle backpack is made with excellent fabric material and construction. It is definitely a great choice at economical price for long-term travelers.

While this backpack fits in the majority of overhead bin spaces, it may not be able to fit under your seat, depending on how much items are placed inside the backpack. The backpack will be suitable for flights on normal Airbus and Boeing aircraft, but for very small regional planes, it may have a problem fitting under the seat, and perhaps in the overhead bins.

Overall, the Hynes Eagle Carry On Backpack is a great option for those who are price conscious but want a travel backpack that can be durable. It is lightweight and has ample storage with inner and outer straps to help keep your items from moving around or shifting.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
Lightweight backpack Shoulder strap may wear and tear due to unconventional stitching
Ample storage compartments Bottom shoulder clips may break due to overweight
Easy access to laptop compartment May not fit under seat or overhead bins in very small regional planes
Economical cost for what you get

2. Tortuga Travel Carry On Backpack Review


Tortuga Backpacks is a company that was started back in 2009 by actual backpack travelers. Currently, they are a team of 9 people working remotely around the world to build the best backpack for world travelers.

Tortuga in Spanish means “turtle”, and when you look at a Tortuga Backpack, it’s outer shell shape does give some semblance to the outer shell of a turtle. That being said, this backpack also is rectangular in shape to maximize the amount of storage space for a carry on. The dimensions of this backpack is 22 x 9 x 14 inches. In total volume, it’s a 44L backpack.

The backpack is made of 100% Nylon, inside and outside.

The Tortuga Backpack adds an additional strap feature around the hips to leverage your waist as a means to take weight off your shoulders. Essentially, instead of your shoulders bearing all of your backpack weight, at least 70% to 80% of the weight is held by your waist now. This is great for those travelers that have chronic back problems.

Not getting robbed or pickpocketed is one worry that many travelers have. The Tortuga Backpack have a lockable zipper that prevents any wary strangers from trying to open your bag and steal items from your backpack.

The carry on travel backpack main compartment zips from the side so that it front-loads like a suitcase, and not like a regular top-load backpack.

The Tortuga Backpack adding the comfortable waist straps definitely makes carrying the backpack feel much more lightweight, even though the weight is still the same. The transfer of the backpack weight distribution definitely makes this backpack worth getting for those who have chronic back problems!

The Tortuga Backpack unfortunately does not hold up well in moist, humid environments. If you are planning to use the backpack to carry items around in extreme outdoor conditions, the nylon material does NOT hold up well, and within 1 month, the inner lining of the backpack starts peeling back. For travels in drier climates, the backpack holds up just fine.

Overall, the Tortuga Backpack has a great look and maximizes the most in terms of allowable carry on space. The additions of the waist strap to help with shoulder weight and lockable zippers are also great bonuses. Keep in mind though that this backpack is premium priced and may or may not hold up well in moist, humid climates.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
At 44L volume space, this carry on bag maximizes the most space allowed for majority of popular low-cost and legacy airline carriers. Limited to one kind of black color choice.
The waist strap to redistribute shoulder weight may help with those who have back problems. The backpack’s nylon material does not hold up well in moist, humid climates.
The added feature of lockable zippers may help prevent robbers from stealing items in your backpack. It’s relatively more expensive than other travel backpacks.

3. Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Review


The Osprey Porter backpack comes in numerous sizes, but for the purposes of this review, we’ll talk about the Osprey Porter 46L size backpack.

To start, the backpack dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9 inches with a weight of 3.31 pounds. Compared to other backpacks of similar standards, the Osprey Porter gives lots of generous space, although the weight of the backpack is a half or more than other types. Depending on your personal preferences, the Osprey may or may not be lightweight. It’s best to try on your back.

The backpack is one made mostly with Nylon fabric. The main compartment portion of the backpack is made with a Nylon rip stop fabric that helps minimize the chances of the backpack from wear and tear. The bottom of the backpack is made from Nylon pack cloth.

The backpack main compartment has generous amount of space for your belongings. The access to this main compartment zips out from the the lower left hand corner to the lower right hand corner of the panel. There are couple small meshed zippered pockets within the compartment to allow for further organization.

To prevent your inner items from shifting, Osprey has created padded “wing-shaped” sidewall panels that help compress the backpack. Osprey trademarks their compression stabilizing panels as StraightJacket.

The backpack has padded shoulder straps for comfort. If you pack a lot of things and weight becomes in issue, Osprey Porter backpack has a stow-away hip belt that can be used to help redistribute weight away from the shoulders.

While most backpacks simply keep the shoulder straps on, Osprey Porter gives the option to store the shoulder straps away. Essentially, if you didn’t want the shoulder straps while you carried the backpack in a duffle bag manner (since there is a side handle), there is a zippered sleeve on the back of the backpack that allows you to hide the straps.

Osprey places four reinforced cord straps that loop around the front of the backpack, where you are able to attach another backpack or other items such as footwear, skateboard, etc.

The front of the backpack also has an additional small outer compartment for your laptop, and any other travel essentials.

If you intend on packing all the essentials you need for long-term travel, then the Osprey Porter does the job in giving you generous amounts of space, but with the security of holding your items in place while you are on the move. The StraightJacket compression panels and reinforced cord straps are the additional features that this backpack has that might come in handy if you are the type of person that like adventure travel.

While all of the cool outer features may be positive aspects, they too can be negative. If you are into having a minimalist backpack, the Osprey Porter may not be the best choice. The compression side panels and outer straps can stand in the way of having easy access to the front outer compartment where you usually would need to quickly grab travel essentials such as your boarding pass or passport.

Overall, the Osprey Porter 46L backpack is a decent deal for the price you get. That being said, think about what you would ideally intend on using the different features that this backpack offers prior to making your final choice. Best way would be to imagine a day-to-day run down of how your travels would be like and then figure out which of the features would be most important to your own needs.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
Comfortable shoulder straps, which can be easily hidden by the back sleeve if you wish to carry the bag like a duffle. Might be difficult to get travel essential items with the front panel compartment, if outer straps get in the way.
Ample and generous amount of space with the 46L size Laptop sizes larger than 15” may have issue in comfortably fitting into the laptop sleeve.
Items won’t shift with the StraightJacket compression technology The backpack may not be as lightweight (again, this is relative to other types of backpacks in similar size, so please use your best judgment in what works for you)

4. Victorinox Dual-Compartment Carry On Travel Backpack Review


While you may recognize Victorinox as the brand that famously makes the Swiss Army gear knives, the company also creates some great travel backpacks.

The travel backpack dimensions measure at 13 x 19.5 x 7.5 inches, therefore, a volume space of 20L with a weight of 2.5 pounds. Since the backpack volume is half the size of most other travel backpacks, this type would be very much ideal for a short weekender or daypack for tourist activities, but shouldn’t be the main type of travel bag, unless you are an extreme minimalist.

The main body fabric is made from a branded VersaTek polyester materal and the base of the backpack is made from abrasion-resistant nylon material.

The interesting aspects for the Victorinox travel backpack is that it’s got great front storage pockets that are separated out (hence the name of the backpack as Dual-Compartment). Most travel backpacks you see simply have front zippered panel compartments that aren’t pocket in style. The backpack has 2 side-by-side pocket compartments at the top with an additional third wide pocket compartment at the bottom. These 3 compartments would be ideal if you needed to store travel essentials and/or electronic accessories and are easily accessible as there are no outer straps to get in the way. Additionally, there is side pocket to allow you to place a small umbrella or water bottle.

Behind the 3 pocket compartments is a zipper panel sleeve to place your laptop. The interior of the backpack has padding to cushion your electronics. And lastly, the main interior compartment where you can put the rest of your belongings including clothing.

The back panel of the backpack is made with compression molded fabric for comfort as well as adjustable waist straps to help with redistributing weight. If not in use, the waist straps can be hidden away behind the back panel.

The biggest positive aspect of the Victorinox Dual-Compartment backpack is it’s three front pocket storage. For example, you can use one of the pockets to hold your passport and boarding pass. Another pocket to put your travel toiletries. And lastly, the third pocket to hold your electronic accessories such as cords and chargers. This easily is definitely one of the best pros for this carry on travel backpack!

The only negative aspect to this backpack is that it’s size is much smaller than other types of carry on travel backpack. The maximum volume size for carry on size on average is around 40L to 46L and this backpack comes in at half that size, 20L. So keep in mind, this backpack is great for those who are extreme minimalist travelers.With so many zipper compartments, there also comes a higher chance of theft especially if you wear the backpack in crowded areas such as the metro. Be mindful when you carry your backpack in higher theft prone cities. It doesn’t hurt to have a TSA-approved bag lock to lock up the compartments that have your valuables.

Victorinox Dual-Compartment Carry On Backpack overall is a great choice for those who won’t need to pack many items. The backpack would also be a great secondary choice if you already have a larger size suitcase or backpack, as this carry on backpack can easily fit under the seat on any large or small aircraft.Again, the 3 front storage pocket compartments are great for easy access to your electronic accessories, important travel documents, and travel toiletries.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
The front 3 storage pocket compartments for accessories and travel essentials. The front 3 storage compartments may make this backpack more prone to theft.
The lightweight and small size is great for extreme minimalist travelers. Not the best choice for those who need more backpack volume space.

5. Tumi Alpha Bravo Travel Backpack Review


Tumi is definitely one of the top of the line luxury travel backpacks out there in the market. If you are looking for the best of the best in terms of quality and premium backpack product, definitely have a look at the hundreds of Tumi products.

For this review, we’ll be looking at the Tumi Alpha Bravo Travel backpack. The Tumi backpack is made from ballistic Nylon for the outer fabric along with polyester inner lining for the compartments and storage pockets. The backpack dimension measures at 17” x 14”x 9” inches.

On first glance, this backpack looks stylish and classy, with the use of conservative shades of grey, tan, and black. This premium travel backpack would be most appropriate for those who are frequent business travelers but want to carry a bag that is a bit more casual then a business suitcase.

The Tumi Alpha Bravo luxury travel backpack has numerous outer storage panels and pockets. To start, it has one minor zipper storage panel that spans across the top half of the front backpack. Then there is a second zipper pocket that spans across the bottom half of the front backpack.

The left side of the backpack has a side zipper pocket that spans the entire length. This would be ideal for items that are long in length, such as a water bottle and umbrella, but you would have the option to hide it from public view. The side pocket is waterproof, so if you are nervous about your water bottle exploding or putting in a wet umbrella, the pocket is lined so that it wouldn’t seep through into your other compartments, namely the laptop one!

The right side of the backpack has two side zipper pockets, one on each half of the side. Again, great options for more outer pocket storage space.

Onwards to the main compartment, there’s a sleeve pocket for the laptop and another for a smaller electronic device such as tablet. The main compartment still has enough space to put other items such as clothing and other items.

If you are looking for a great looking luxury carry on backpack, then the Tumi Alpha Bravo backpack may be the choice. For the size of the backpack, there is generous amounts of outer pocket storage space for all your travel essentials, and then the main compartment has multiple sleeve dividers to hold your laptop and tablet. This backpack is definitely ideal for the frequent business traveler.

This premium travel backpack has a hefty price tag on it. Definitely not the choice if you are a price conscious shopper.

Overall, the Tumi Alpha Bravo carry on backpack is great for the working professional who wants to travel light, but look great doing so. The backpack is modern, yet classy and has all of the organizational features that make packing that much easier.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
Ample outer storage pockets for travel essentials. Premium backpack that is quite expensive.
Side pockets for more storage, especially the waterproof inner lining of the left side pocket for water bottles and wet umbrellas. Not great for casual, leisure travelers.
Great backpack for business/working professionals, and perhaps the occasional digital nomad that is looking for premium type of carry on bag.
Great and stylish look and feel.

6. Pacsafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Carry On Travel Backpack Review


If you have read up to this review, way to go! We are at the half way mark with the best carry on bags in 2017. Let’s proceed onwards with the Pacsafe Venturesafe Carry On Travel bag.

Before we jump into what makes this backpack a bit more unique than the other ones we reviewed, let’s get the nitty-gritty details squared away:

This Pacsafe Venturesafe Travel backpack dimensions are 22 x 14.9 inches. It has a total volume of 45L, making this backpack comparable to other maximum carry on travel backpack sizes. The backpack is made of 100% Nylon material with some trademarked mesh materials that we will go over in detail later in this travel bag review.

At first glance, the Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack seems to be a simplistic ordinary backpack from the outside. True, the shape of the backpack is rectangular in nature, with no visible protruding outer storage pockets, unlike the previous backpacks reviewed. That being said, this backpack is known for it’s anti-theft and security features.

The first unique feature is the Exomesh Slashguard, which is simply a wire mesh that is embedded within the backpack fabric material. This helps prevent the backpack from tearing should a thief use a knife to slash your backpack.

The zippers on this backpack also interlock with each other using a trademarked locking system called Roobar. As well, the additional ToughZip feature, which is double-layered zipper, again prevents any sharp or thin objects from puncturing the backpack.

In addition to all of the anti-theft features described above, the Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack also includes standard features of any ideal carry on backpack including sternum straps and waist straps to help redistribute weight from the shoulders to the waist. The back panel of the backpack has molded soft panels to allow comfort for the back.

There is also one font zippered compartment along with a small zippered luggage ID pocket that can provide easy access. Outside compression straps help keep your items from moving around.

The Pacsafe Venturesafe Travel backpack definitely has anti-theft in mind. The makers of this backpack thought about all of the sneaky situations that potential street thieves could use to get access into a backpack to grab valuables.We’ve all heard of those horror travel stories where unsuspecting tourists in major cities get pickpocketed or mugged. While Pacsafe Venturesafe can’t prevent a thief from potentially ruining your vacation, however, it can up the likelihood that a thief can’t actually get into your backpack.

With so much focus on the anti-theft features, the Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack fails with much of the practical outer storage pockets and the inner organizational pockets. If items are at the bottom of the backpack, you would need to sift through from the top in order to get the items at the bottom.

The Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack is definitely ideal for those who want a little bit more piece in mind while traveling. It makes sense that a backpack was developed with the nervous traveler in mind who wants to avoid being taken advantage of from unsuspecting thieves.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
Anti-Theft Features including Exomesh Slashguard mesh lining, Roobar, and ToughZip. The shoulder strap and hip strap may become uncomfortable after long periods of wear due to sandpaper-like feel to the skin/body.
Ample packing space up to the maximum carry on size for average airplane overhead compartment. The backpack is mostly good to get items from top, so may be inconvenient if items are at the bottom of the backpack.
The laptop sleeve compartment has limited padding.

7. Incase EO Travel Backpack Review


The Incase EO Travel backpack is definitely ideal for the traveler who enjoys minimalistic look and feel bag, but with subtle features that make it reliable on travels around the world.

Its dimensions are 18.5″ x 12.8″ x 6.3″ with a volume of 25L. The backpack is made from eco-dyed and weaved polyester fabric.

The front of the backpack has two zippered compartments, one at the bottom half, and then second one at the top half. Both of these front zippered compartments have inner organizational pockets which can be easily used to store travel essentials and documents.

There is a top zipper compartment where you can put your cell phone followed by the main compartment which also includes a padded sleeve for your laptop and tablet. The main compartment also has a secondary zipper which unzipped would allow for 35% more expandable storage space.

The backpack has top strap as well as a side strap so it can be quite versatile as a backpack and can be carried like a duffel bag. Clip straps help compress the backpack so that items don’t shift within.

The Incase EO Travel carry on definitely has a tech and action sports look and feel, ideal for those who like textured heather grey as color of choice for backpack. This backpack is definitely geared towards those who like a simple backpack with simple features!

With just 25L of space, this backpack is not ideal for long-term travel who has lots of items and clothing to pack.

The Incase EO Travel Backpack keeps in mind the modern, techie traveler moving about the globe at LTE speeds. The front and top compartments all have space to place travel essentials, phone, and electronic cords and the main compartment has a laptop/tablet sleeve along with the choice of 35% more compartment space by unzipping the secondary main compartment zipper.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
Great look and feel At 25L, half the size of other maximum carry on bags.
Ideal compartments for the digital nomad Bit more expensive than other carry on travel backpacks.

8. Timbuk2 Wingman Carry On Travel Backpack Review


The Timbuk2 Wingman Carry On backpack, along with an odd backpack name, at first glance looks like a regular black suitcase or a large oversized briefcase. The backpack measures at 23” x 17.5” x 20” dimensions with a volume space of 40L, ideal for carry-on size on majority of major airlines.

The Tumbuk2 backpack has a front zipper compartment that can be used to store electronic accessories, travel toiletries, and other essentials. There is a padded sleeve to hold your laptop.

There are also side expandable pockets that allow you to put items such as shoes and/or toiletries should you not want to keep them together with other clothing items within the main compartment of the backpack.

The backpack has a top strap as well as side strap should you need to carry the bag like a duffel. The shoulder backpack straps can also be removed and tucked away.

The main compartment of the Timbuk2 Wingman backpack has generous amounts of packing space, particularly for clothing. Internal compression straps are located inside of the main compartment to hold your clothes down and keep them in place. As well, the main compartment includes mesh pockets to hold other smaller items in place.

The Timbuk2 Wingman backpack is more or less a simple carry on travel backpack with lots of space at 40L, with front, main, and side compartment. The side compartment was sized in mind to hold pair of shoes so that you wouldn’t need to put them within the main compartment.

Not the best looking backpack, however, the simple features of the compartments do the job at a decent price.

Overall, a decent carry on travel backpack for the value that you get. The Timbuk2 Wingman would be the ideal bag to get if you simply needed a bag with average amount of inner and outer compartment organization pockets.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
Side compartment pocket for shoes Outer appearance is bland.
Inner organization pockets within the main compartment
Lightweight travel bag

9. High Sierra AT7 Spinner Carry On Travel Backpack Review


The majority of carry on travel backpacks reviewed above have been non-rolling. We wanted to include one travel backpack that has wheels. Yes, there is many people who would oppose to having a backpack that can roll on wheels (the convention is that it looks stupid or childish). However, we feel that it can be quite helpful if you are not a fan of carrying a heavy backpack and would simply like to roll the backpack.

We’ve looked through a bunch of rolling carry on travel backpacks and have come across the High Sierra AT7. It’s body dimension measures at 22.0″ x 14.0″ x 8.0″ with a volume space of 40L. The backpack is made from 200 Denier Duraweave Duralite fabric with water resistant coating. Note that the backpack total weight is 7.92 pounds, which makes sense with all the added weight from the 4 wheels, handle bar, and added material for making the backpack two separate components.

When glancing at the backpack initially, you would think it’s just like any other ordinary carry on travel backpack, and in all actuality, it looks more like a rolling suitcase. The High Sierra AT7 is actually two separate bag components in one. There is the main compartment and then an attached day pack. The attached day pack measurements at 19″ x 12″ x 5″ with a volume space of around 19L, so just around half the size of the entire backpack. If you are looking for a great two-in-one carry on deal where you plan to also use a day pack while sightseeing, this backpack may be the right choice!

The High Sierra AT7 has top strap to carry along with a collapsible luggage handle for when you roll the bag on its wheels. As well, there is a side strap handle so that you can also carry the luggage as a duffel bag.

The main compartment interior contains clothing hold down straps to keep your interior items from shifting around.

The backpack has 4 wheels at the bottom and can be wheeled in all directions. As mentioned before, this can come in handy for those who do not wish to carry heavy loaded backpack.

Those who wish to have a smaller backpack to carry around for sightseeing will be pleased to have the inclusion of a daypack that attaches to the main backpack. This can come in handy when you are only able to carry on board an airplane one bag. Many of the low-cost carriers, particularly those in Europe and the US only allow on standard size carry on. So this backpack is great to mask two bags into one bag.

With all of the extra components such as the wheels, padding, and collapsible handle bar, the weight of the High Sierra AT7 might be a probable issue for those who are looking for lightweight backpack. This travel backpack may not be the best choice.

Overall, the High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Travel backpack keeps in mind the convenience for those travelers who may not always want to carry their heavy backpacks on their back. The all-direction backpack wheels makes for easy transporting from Point A to B, and the detachable day pack is another great addition to carry items without having to lug the entire backpack around.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
4 Wheeled Backpack Might be on the heavier side at 7.92 pounds.
Detachable Day Pack Top heavy and may tip over with uneven weight distribution

10. Kensington SecureTrek Anti-Theft Travel Backpack Review


We previously reviewed and weighed the pros and cons of one travel backpack that emphasized backpack theft security. In this review, we’ll go over one more carry on backpack that does the job with bag security. Let’s get right to it!

The Kensington SecureTrek Anti-Theft backpack dimensions measure at 19” x 12.5” x 9.8” giving it a volume space of around 38L. The weight of this backpack is on the heavier side at 7.5 pounds and the bag material is made from Poly Twill.

The backpack uses SecureTrek, the trademarked lock base that has a hammerhead zipper that pulls within a lock base. The lock base can be secured with TSA/airport approved lock. This provides the best kind of bag security where thieves would literally need to make a concerted effort to even break though the lock.

The Kensington SecureTrek main compartment is padded and includes a separate electronic device sleeve to store your laptop/tablet devices. The sleeve is extra padded to protect fragile electronics. As well, the main compartment has a separate inner zipper cover that helps keep your main compartment items from interfering with the electronic sleeve.

The back of the backpack is padded in a unique “V” shape orientation to help with your neck and upper back when carrying the backpack. The padded shoulder straps also help with further comfort. The back also has a special half bottom panel that also can slide over regular luggage suitcase handles. This makes it super easy to roll your backpack on top of the rolling suitcase without having to worry about the top backpack falling off. The panel provides stability when transporting your backpack.

The SecureTrek lock base helps keep peace in mind for traveler who might be more wary of opportunistic pickpocket thieves. As well the back luggage handle sleeve helps to keep a backpack stable on top of a rolling suitcase for easy transporting without the hassle of the backpack sliding off.

The backpack is quite heavy at 7.5 pounds. Those seeking a lightweight backpack, this choice may not be the right one.

Overall, the Kensinton SecureTrek travel backpack keeps in mind the security of the bag against theft which makes this a great choice if you are looking for a bag that is theft-proof. The bag also maximizes carry on space with its more rectangular shape and makes this a great professional backpack to have.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
Anti-theft SecureTrek lock Above average carry on backpack weight.
Unique Back Padding for Comfort

Do you have a carry on travel backpack that you like? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    Thanks for great write up! When you mentioned your troubles with the Tortuga backpack, which part of the world were you traveling? Just curious

    • Harrison Tsai
      Harrison Tsai says:

      Hi Ben, thanks! Since I love traveling quite frequently, travel backpacks are quite important in my life 🙂

      I was traveling in Bali and Thailand while using the Tortuga backpack. While great backpack – the high humidity and heat of both places definitely wore the nylon material so that’s pretty much the one con of getting that backpack.

  2. Hector
    Hector says:

    Great review! I’m currently on my first trip with the hynes eagle 40L. I can’t speak on the durability yet but it’s very easy to pack in an organized manner, especially if you buy it with the packing cubes. The front pocket laptop sleeve is also very convenient for TSA. The only con for me is that it is not very comfortable since there isn’t much padding on the straps and back.

    • Harrison
      Harrison says:

      Hey Hector, thanks for the comment. I’d say majority of the backpacks for shoulder straps honestly aren’t so comfortable. But then again, carrying LOTS of weight on one’s back isn’t necessarily the most comfortable. In a future review, I’m going to be going over travel luggage for backpackers in the “non-traditonal” sense … since I’ve found that I’d rather not hurt my back/shoulders and simply have all the travel weight be lugged around via wheels instead.

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