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Who is behind Hustle to Paradise?

Aloha and hi there! I’m Harrison. I’m currently based out in the middle of the Pacific in Hawaii where I gratefully call home. I am a digital nomad and entrepreneur. When I’m not on the laptop, I’m always up for outdoor adventures from snorkeling to hiking and surfing to traveling. While many other travelers sell everything before their RTW, I still have car payments and other life responsibilities to attend to. But that doesn’t stop me from going after my long-time intentions of traveling around the world.

Ever felt like you were running on auto-pilot? Mindlessly working each day to pay rent, insurance, and other bills.

Worst yet, you do realize you are working through life on auto-pilot, possibly doing work that you don’t even enjoy … but just aren’t sure how to begin breaking away from that perpetual toil.

Then I’m glad to have you here on Hustle to Paradise.

If you’ve reached this line, then I’ll safely assume that you aren’t satisfied with where you are in life, or that you are curious to know more about how to live “more” of your life!

Aloha and hi, I’m Harrison. I can currently best describe myself as a creative, location-independent, digital entrepreneur that seeks the thrills in life that is meant to be enjoyed. I didn’t reach this current point so easily.

After living on auto-pilot for over 20 years going through the typical schooling and career development, I slowly woke up realizing that life wasn’t satisfying. To be blunt, life was SHIT!

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” – Steve Jobs

And that’s where many people falter. They fear taking the next unknown step, they fear that society or people close to them will ostracize them, or they fear that whatever out-of-the-norm risk they take next will fail.

And the short and simple answers? You will fail. You will be ostracized. And you will enter parts of your journey in the unknown. That inevitably will happen when you take on any new work, new location, and new experiences that people may or may not understand.

Let’s be honest here, there isn’t a magical quick formula that will get you rich the next day. For some people, the process of attaining the “ideal work situation or location independence” may take as short as 6 months to several years. Everyone’s journey and circumstance is different. Don’t compare yourself to others, just know that if you keep experimenting with your intentions, then you will achieve them.

“But I can’t do that because …”
“I don’t have enough time because …”
“It’s not possible … because …”

No “buts” or “because”. Your hustle and your version of paradise is fluid, mold-able and adapt-able.

It’s great to have that realization, but then what next? How do I get myself out of it?

You surround yourself with friends that you want. You choose the work you want. You are your own boss and creator. Hustlers don’t give into obstacles. You break and bend them.

At Hustle to Paradise, I’ll show you my basic simplified blueprint on discovering your hustle and your paradise. This will give you a general idea of where to begin. It’s important to not overwhelm yourself initially with all the little details of how it will work out! Simply start. And always keep moving forward.

Stories always resonate beyond lifeless blueprints, so be sure to read up on fellow hustler stories who are currently living out their ideal work and location situations!

If all the above sounds like pure crap, feel free to go back to the illusion of safety offered by your regular 9-5 job and comfortable box. No hard feelings. Hustle to Paradise is not right for you. I’m not hear to make friends. I’m here to help people live out epic lives and do epic shit.

That being said, if you are ready to start laying the groundwork with your intentions, then join the Hustle to Paradise tribe!

Cheers and aloha from your fellow hustler,


You create the realities that you want.

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