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Latest Travel Posts


United BusinessFirst and Domestic First Class Reviews

The beginning and end of my Round the World 2016 journey was flown with United Airlines. Since I'm based out of Hawaii, I could have flown using the Hawaiian Airlines points I accrued, however, I wanted to save those points for redemption…

Emirates A380 First Class Review

On my RTW 2016 trip, I had the privilege of trying out Emirate's luxurious First Class cabin, not just once, but three different times! I routed the Emirates flights towards the end of my round the world journey on my return back to the…

Latest Review Guides


Flying First Class to Hawaii with Lie Flat Seats Travel Guide 2017

Having lived in Hawaii since August of 2012, I've had the privilege to fly quite often to/from the islands with dozens of airlines to travel to Europe, Caribbean, mainland US, East Asia, and South Pacific. The airline travel market for Hawaii…

Best Carry On Backpack 2017 - Ultimate Buyer's Guide for Business and Digital Nomad Travelers

Author’s Personal Note: When I went on my round the world trip during the first 5 months of 2016, choosing the right carry on travel backpack was essential to my trip. I’d be traversing 4 continents, 13 countries spanning from…

Latest Digital Nomad Posts


The Truth Behind Building Niche Affiliate Websites

One of the many ways to make money online is creating a niche website and monetizing it through affiliate links or digital advertising. For those who are new and not familiar with this, the most popular website that people go for affiliate…

Location Rebel Review (2017 Update) - Travel and Work When You Want

Authors Note: This review is the 2017 Location Rebel Review update. The original review was written back in summer of 2012, when I had first joined Location Rebel back in June 2012. While everything in the review still remains true, Location…

Latest Mindset Posts


Discovering Your Happiness with Inspiration, Inquiry, Exploration, and Action

The "Discovering Your Happiness" by Hustle to Paradise is a three part series. Discovering Your Happiness - Part One INSPIRATION “I was entirely happy. Perhaps we feel like that when we die and become a part of something entire, whether…

How to Live a Life of Gratitude

We've learned many aspects to a successful mindset in the last few posts. One of the most important aspects that we'll discuss about is: Gratitude. When we are hustling, at times, we maybe so busy that we potentially could have tunnel-vision…