5 Real Morning Routine Tips From Traveling Entrepreneurs


Over the past few months I’ve been chronicling the morning routines of entrepreneurs – best selling authors, CEOs, one man/woman startups, etc. The goal was twofold: to get my morning routine off the ground and to put together a cool resource that others could benefit from without all the legwork:

“I created a morning routine to help structure my crazy freelance business life. I travel a lot so having a regular routine helps me stay on track, feel comfortable and at home no matter where I am.” – Carrie Smith

Since travel plays a big part of my family’s life, I made it a point to ask successful entreprenurs who also valued travel. The result? Morning routine takeaways from a cross section of traveling entrepreneurs. Below are 5 of the top morning routine tips. Enjoy!

5 Morning Routine Tips

1. Build a routine that works with your life, not the other way around. When I reached out to Colin Wright on a live Periscope Q&A he was doing from Florida, he said he had no set routine. Instead, his routine changes from location to location.

“Days spent in travel or days when my wife and I are taking day trips follow a different schedule. We generally get up earlier and cut the computer stuff short to try and get out of the house with time to spare.”Chris Backe

2. Identify your core requirements and make them happen wherever you are. The good news is this generally doesn’t require much so you can pack light. Exercise with your bodyweight, journal in a notebook or read on your Kindle.

“I’ve played with getting up at the same time every day. I’ve been more lax and more samurai about it…Nowadays I have found something that works, and whether or not I choose to compress it or leave off certain modules when I’m traveling, it stays the same.” – Mikyo Clark

3. Be open to trying new things. One of the best parts about traveling is experiencing all this life has to offer. Whether it’s hiking through the woods, going for a swim in the ocean or trying some local eats, give it a try. You never know what’s going to stick.

“While I was working with a digital nomad in Vietnam, I picked up a habit of waking to a kind of freshly brewed coffee and adding butter into it.”Harrison Tsai

4. Travel days are par for the course, so don’t beat yourself up. Instead do your best to get the important things in and enjoy the day.

“I travel full-time so the timings are often different: if I’m on and off trains, buses, boats and planes, sometimes I can’t do the early morning e-mail checking… When I’m on the move, I adjust that day accordingly, or in some cases take the day off work.”Jonny Blair

5. On that note, don’t beat yourself up when your morning routine isn’t ‘perfect.’ Sometime life gets in the way

“I’m by no means perfect and I still struggle with [my routine] some days. My advice is if you miss the day, then move onto the next day and try again — don’t look back!”
Shannon Whitehead

Morning Routine Inspiration [Infographic]

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Jonathon Knepper is a digital strategist, efficiency nerd, hot sauce fanatic and lover of great eats. When he’s not working (and sometimes when he is) you can find him traveling with his wife, daughter and newborn daughter. You can learn more about him on dudewiththehair.com or connect on Twitter.