How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done



We all do it. But why?

While you may think that “hustling” starts off with intentions and goals, there are couple of aspects to address BEFORE we get to them. No point in having those intentions only simply to stay as figments of your dream!

Ironically, I’ve procrastinated in completing my first email newsletter for over 4 years. FOUR FREAKIN’ YEARS. That’s quite a long time to procrastinate.

I always wondered why I never just simply created one in the first place.

Well here are some reasons why procrastination can be a “hustle-killer”:

1. Beating Around the Bush – Not facing straight on the task on hand, simply reverting to what is comfortable. Perhaps you are afraid to fail and try something of the unknown. Perhaps you feel you are inadequate and don’t have the proper skills. Who cares? No one starts out knowing everything in the world. It’s all an experimentation. Which segues to the next point …

2. The Perfect is the Enemy of the Done – You want everything to be perfect. Except this holds you back. You can seem to get all of the problems sorted out. The flaws and imperfections are too much, and then you end up just never launching and finishing. That’s exactly what happened to me, several times over the course of 4 years in trying to launch a newsletter. At the end of the day, just launch the damn thing, imperfect or not.

3. Biting More Than You Can Chew – Feeling of overwhelm can lead to mental paralysis. When you overwhelm your mind thinking of all of the tasks you have to complete in order to get to the end goal, your brain shuts down. And then you end up wasting lots of time!

4. When You Have Nothing To Lose – If you have nothing on “stake”, then you are more than likely to procrastinate. Basically, you have nothing to lose. If you have nothing to lose, then why would you need to finish it? There’s no pressure to get it done.

The method I’ve found that has helped me time after time to BEAT procrastination is simply declaring a “stake” to a friend. For one of my projects involving completing a WordPress “How-To” course, I staked $600 to my friend if I didn’t complete the course within 2 week time-frame. Luckily, I did complete it and didn’t have to give her the money … but the pressure to not “fail” + lose $600 did the job in pushing me to get the course done and completed, even if it wasn’t perfect.

Here are some other assortment of tools you can use to beat procrastination:

Write or Die
Pomodoro Technique
Go Fucking Do It
Eisenhower Decision Matrix
Focus At Will

What have you been procrastinating?

  • Identify the potential reason you procrastinate.
  • Reply back letting me know what you will do to kick procrastination in the ass.

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