How to Overcome Failure and Achieve Success


We talked about the negativity that “naysayers” bring into the hustle towards your intentions. We’ll go over the next topic:


Ideally, no one likes to fail. I mean, who really does?

But cornerstone to becoming a “hustler”, is to fail. SO MANY TIMES. You might see the rare occasion where someone achieves their intention successfully on the first try – but 99.9% of the time, you’ll have to try more than once. Perhaps, you may have to try a dozen times.

Ways to Deal with Failing

1. Try New Ways and Methods – The reason most people fail is simply because of “lack of experience”. To gain experience, we have to take actionable steps in whatever task we need to accomplish. Reaching the end intention takes practice and you will find that you need to constantly evaluate and adjust your game plan according to the failed results. The most important thing is that you keep trying.

2. Don’t Take Your Fails Personally – Inspired by Toltec’s Second Agreement, don’t take your failure personally. Know that everyone in the world goes through the same exact emotional roller coaster when it comes to failing. But what can separate you from the masses who fail often, is to accept that failing is just a part of the journey, both in your entrepreneurial hustling and personal life. The sooner you can let failure be simply a part of your life, the sooner you will become successful.

3. Stop Thinking About Your Fails – This goes along the lines of thinking about the past. Just don’t dwell on your failures. It’s quite okay to “evaluate” what went wrong, but then quickly shift your mindset to how you will “proceed” with the next step and move forward. Always move forward.

4. Failing Is Not a Waste of Time – We have the tendency to think that failing ultimately leads to wasting time. Thoughts like “I wish I didn’t do that, I could have saved myself time” can run across your mind. But the thing is, every fail that you make teaches you something, so that the next time around, you don’t make that same mistake. Interestingly, the “fail” is to make that same mistake a second time and not learn from it. Don’t be THAT PERSON.

5. Fake It Til You Make It – While you are on your entrepreneurial hustle journey, always keep an optimistic mindset. Perhaps you may think you aren’t good enough at whatever you want to become. So who cares if you don’t have all of the skill sets at this point – go learn them! I personally live my life with the “fake it til you make it” motto. Continue failing until you hit the golden mark of succeeding.

What are the top 5 failures you have made?

  • Reply back with how you will (or have) rebounded from those failures and the lesson you learned from them.

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