How to Develop Patience


Accepting failure as a normal part of life will help you out with the next topic:


As hustlers, we are in it for the LONG RUN. And for some, it’ll be a LONG LONG RUN.

Personally, patience was something that I struggled with, and from time-to-time, still am fine-tuning with how I approach patience. I was realizing that my tunnel-vision of seeing only the “end intention” resulted in never reaching that destination. It’s always easy to see the prize, but never simple when it comes to taking time to get to the prize.

In today’s world, everything is fast pace and things we want and do come to us instantaneously. Need that email? Boom. Want your favorite sandwich? Fast food made. Need to alleviate that headache? Pop a pill.

Unfortunately for the tougher things we want in life – instantaneous doesn’t work. Want to lose weight? Get the gold medal at the next Olympics? Make six figures?

Better start practicing the “art of patience”. Otherwise, the journey towards your end intention will never happen.

Positive Patience – How to Be Great At It

1. Identify Cause for Impatience – Much of everyone’s impatience stems from our own version of what “reality” is. Something that one person thinks happens often, isn’t necessarily what another person has in mind. Basically, it’s having preconceived expectations. Take for example, the infamous waiting in traffic. No one likes to wait in traffic. Yet in our minds, we tend to have the expectation that there shouldn’t be traffic “for ourselves”. Impatience stems from the “me” attitude. When you have the urge to be impatient, step back and identify the source of your impatience. And then recognize that the impatience materializes internally from yourself, not from the external source.

2. Slow Down and Take a Break – Basically relax. Calm your mind. SLOW DOWN. It’s always easier said then done. Especially with the crazy fast pace world that we all live in. When you are in the habit to always rush, rush, rush – then that is exactly how you will act with anything that you do. What’s the best way to slow down? Simply STOP. Stopping helps break the “frantic” flow. It forces yourself to think about the present moment.

3. Realize Some Things Take Time – Accept that some intentions will take time. It’s not to say to procrastinate. as procrastination is simply inaction and putting it off into the future. Take your big intention and break it down to bite size steps that you can do daily.

4. Meditate – I for one have never like to meditate at all. I don’t like the idea of sitting idle for more than even a minute long. However, meditation ended up being the best thing to teach me “art of patience”. How? Meditation allows you to be connected to your own mind and body. When you sit and close your eyes – you’ll start noticing an ounce of when your impatience starts. Recognize the types of emotions that permeate through you while you start your meditation. How do you feel? I suggest for those who are extremely impatient like myself – to start out in the beginning with 1-minute meditations. Then after two days, add on another minute. So on and so forth. While you are meditating, practice deep breathing.

5. Be Present – Just like you can’t do anything in the past (failures), you also can’t do anything in the future (impatience). Simply focus on what you can do presently. Whether it’s creating a short task list of items to complete, focusing your energy on what you can accomplish today allows you to get things done.

Why is patience so important to the entrepreneurial hustle?

Because without it, you will never see your set intentions materialize. You will keep moving on to the next intention and then the next intention, hoping that one of them will materialize instantly.

What is a project that you are working on that is requiring lots of patience?

  • Reply back with how you will approach patience with that project.

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