How to Best Deal with Naysayers


Hopefully you have been working on some of the intentions you set yourself back in Week 3. For this week, we’ll go over Week 4’s topic. Naysayers.

Now that you have proclaimed your intentions, perhaps you may have also stated it out to your friends, family, teacher, or anyone.

Some of them will be encouraging. Unfortunately, some will say otherwise. These are the people most commonly known as “Naysayers”.

Along with procrastination, and lack of focus, naysayers are once again a huge “hustle-killer”. They simply feed off of negativity and relish in shutting down people’s intentions and dreams.

How To Deal with Naysayers

1. Forgive Them – Understand that perhaps the person who is giving you negativity went through times of hardship or failure. Of course that doesn’t give them the right to put out their negativity on you, however, just know that “most” people aren’t necessarily bad evil from the start. The unfortunate thing is that these people are projecting their own pain on to people they feel a slight jealously towards.

2. Ignore Them – If the naysayers have nothing valuable or constructive to provide, ignore them. If the only things coming out of their mouths is negativity, then you don’t have to mind them. Distance yourself from “what they say”. I understand this might be harder if it is your close relatives or your best friend, but just know that you have to do what’s best for yourself, not what other people think you should do.

3. Don’t Engage with Them – For the most part, naysayers already have their “set beliefs”. Sometimes, no amount of reasons or convincing can change their mind. Be okay with this and let them be. You don’t want to fuel their fire.

4. Keep Your Intentions – Just because someone else says “you can’t do it”, doesn’t mean you have to believe them. Keep your intentions close to you. Protect them. The really unfortunate thing I see quite often in the entrepreneur world is where after people are told many times “that it can’t be done” – then it becomes their reality. Don’t let your intentions go to the grave!

5. Engage with Enablers – Find other people who will support you. On your hustle, the advice you take should be only from people that you aspire to become. Just ask yourself – is that person whom you engage with someone that you would want to trade places with? If you said yes, include them into your network of “success” connections. If not, then no need waste your time with them.

Who in your life has been your “naysayer”?

  • Reply back and tell me how you will combat against one.

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