How to Beat Distractions and Take Control of Your Focus


In the previous Mindset Series post, we addressed the issue of Procrastination. Now that we hopefully have gotten over the urge to put things off into the future, we will have to figure out how to stay on that persistent track.


Like procrastination, lack of focus is also a huge “hustle-killer”. It’s great that you may have started on a project, but realistically … “things” get in the way. What’s the one word that summarizes all of those “things”?


Distractions is the fire that burns away any focus that you are trying to keep while completing tasks.

In the modern world, there are so many things vying for our attention, no wonder most people cannot focus on whatever it is they need to do.

Beating Distractions and Taking Control of Your Focus

1. Turn Off Your Cellphone (or any other electronics) – People have tendency to always check upon their phone every second. It turns into a bad habit that gets harder to break. When you are working on something, TURN IT OFF. And put it far, far away from yourself.

2. Multitasking Kills – Don’t believe anyone that says they can efficiently multitask. Our brains are wired only to focus on one task. Don’t eat while you work. Don’t talk with someone while you use your phone. This also includes keeping one window open on your laptop instead of having a million tabs open! If we could multitask, then we theoretically should be able to text while we drive? Apparently, real life shows that we can’t. SO DON’T!

3. Find a Quiet Place – How can you expect to work and finish things, if let’s say there are lots of noise happening from the TV playing or people talking loudly. Find what works for you. If you choose to work at a coffee shop, but on headphones and tune out from the world!

4. Don’t Work in Your Bedroom – From personal experience, working in your bedroom can just subconsciously make you want to take that short 30 minute nap … which then turns into hours of sleep. Again like #3 – find another type of quiet place.

5. Power of “No” – To devote time on what you have to do, you have to learn the art of saying “no” to people’s invitations, activities, or even client projects. Always saying “Yes” can start cluttering your daily schedule and then create unneeded stress that will kill your focus and productivity!

What has been a time-wasting distraction you battle with?

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