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5 Real Morning Routine Tips From Traveling Entrepreneurs

Over the past few months I've been chronicling the morning routines of entrepreneurs - best selling authors, CEOs, one man/woman startups, etc. The goal was twofold: to get my morning routine off the ground and [...]

How to Decide Between Choosing Legacy Airline Carriers or Low-Cost Airlines

When I had started planning my RTW 2016 trip, I thought about the type of airlines I'd be flying. Would it be mostly with legacy carriers (for example - United, Emirates, Air France, etc.) or [...]

How I Booked 20 Flights – 40,000 Mile Flying Trip for $1,016

Some Background I never imagined that it would be possible to book the round the world journey I'm about to share with you, had you met me just 3 years ago. I thought that round [...]

How to Plan Your First Ultimate Round the World Trip

Trip planning in general for short or long term travel can be quite tedious and cumbersome. For Round the World adventure, trip planning is a must. There's many different options and choices to consider and [...]

Travel Insurance – To Be Covered or Not To Be Covered?

Before I get into this quick post on travel insurance, I for one personally never felt like I needed to waste my money on getting travel insurance. Perhaps I didn't want to shell out $300 [...]

Visa Requirements and Traveling with Two Passports

Visas and passports. Both are your lifeline when it comes to international travel. Every country's passport give different levels of access to respective countries. Be sure to check with your local government website that handles [...]